IRTE’s Avoidance improvs not hinders the production

Photo Evie Aronson, L-R Michael Hauschild, Nannette Deasy, Curt Dixon, Robert Baumgardner, Tym MossAvoidance isn’t a problem for IRTE as the award-winning improvisational group gives its all at each performance. The Producers Club’s Crown stage rolled out the red carpet for contestants to confront their demons for a chance to win the grand prize.

Skillfully mastering the curveballs the audience pitched at them, the cast played a game where the winning introvert would procure his/her own isolated island. The extroverts did their best to draw their constrained counterparts out of their shell while cavorting with Tym Moss to show the introverts what they are missing.

Under Marc Adam Smith’s direction, Getchie Argetsinger, Robert Baumgardner, William Berg, Nannette Deasy, Curt Dixon, Mike Hauschild and Jamie Maloney take on the audience’s challenging circumstances while delivering their own spin on the situation.

You’ve pressed your luck and missed the final Avoidance! performance but the only losers are those not taking advantage of an upcoming show.

Photo credits: IRTE

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