“Kennedy’s Children” produces the unrest of the ‘60s merged with modern strife.

Cast of Kennedy's Children 7After Kennedy’s assassination, the country was left whirling and in desolation. Under the semblance of moving on, the characters depict their world into pre and post-existence.

Wanda’s (Nicole Greevy) world was turned upside down and she felt compelled to change her life in order to make the world a better place. Emily Battles as the bartender serves up drinks, character sketches and delivers sage advice to her patrons. Colin Chapin as Sparger has a large-than-life persona that has his audience shaking their heads at his antics. As the layers are peeled away, a broken soul emerges that’s crying out for connection to this new reality.

Mark (Timothy Regan) illustrates isolation mixed with confusion as he corresponds with his mother about his war memories. At times, he brigades himself with his comrades while others, he shies away from his war-torn survival in an attempt to regain a sliver of his former self. While Rona (Sara Minisquero) is initially perceived as an aging flower child/ hippie, she provides a first-hand account of youth trying to find a way to understand the world around them. Last but not least, Jessica Carollo as Carla rounds out the crew personifying a Marilyn Monroe bombshell whose sense of self was molded by the starlet. As the golden age slips away, the harsh reality emerges and the industry’s “Monkey Business” is revealed.

Cast of Kennedy's Children 4Under Erin Solér’s direction, Robert Patrick’s play comes to life paralleling the ’60s with today’s turmoil Will love prevail or will the times ensure that we must repeat our mistakes? The Regeneration Theatre hosts the thought-provoking show and ties the past to the present generation.

Photo credit: Regeneration Theatre


One comment

  1. amycarothers1978 · June 13, 2017

    It sounds like an interesting group of characters that are engaged in the turmoil of the 60’s.


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