BRP is back and IRTE’s big, rich and powerful production!

BRPII-landscape-postcardThe Producers’ Club  (358 West 44th St.) rolls out the red carpet for BRP’s second season. The rich are richer, the laughter is bigger and audiences are the winners.

The award-wining improv troupe ensembles Robert Baumgardner (Director), Bill Berg, Nannette Deasy (Artistic Director), Curt Dixon and Jamie Maloney with impromptu performances by Michael Hauschild and Sam Katz delivering a scheming group of rich fits. Guests will love to hate the snobbish socialites and the quick-witted improv team, provide side-splitting antics.

Serving up a musical interlude, Craig Greenberg returns to the Producers Club and the piano is key to setting the tone for the rest of the night. Greenberg spotlights Friends with Benefits, Aberdeen and All the Pretty Things. Ending his set with a sing along, guests ready themselves for the next portion of Big, Rich and Powerful.

Will the schemers get their just rewards and or will villainy prevail? BRP II commands the Prince’s stage until June 24th so reserve your spot before the curtain closes on IRTE’s season.BRPII-postcard-WEB

Photos credits: IRTE

One comment

  1. amycarothers1978 · June 19, 2017

    I think this kind of acting really shows talent


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