P.O.W. Captures and Confronts the Past

1American Theatre of Actors soldiers in the tale of Sidney Pollack (Ken Coughlin) whose Vietnam service is called into question after a college reading. In order to advance her career, Amanda Howell (Victoria Christi) deems Pollack’s actions unethical, threatening his job and freedom.

2Facing trumped-up charges regarding his conduct, a previously deemed mercy killing is now murder. Were his actions justified or as a commanding officer, did he kill his platoon member?

3Amorously awaiting Amanda’s love, Robert Gordon (Anthony J. Gallo) throws Greenfield’s book at Pollack in order to score time with Howell. A battle ensues as Pollack is court-martialed and has to defend his life. Bridging the past with the present, Sidney and his wife, Louise (Amy Losi) must challenge the court or risk becoming prisoners of the system.

4When their delinquent son, Murry (Harrison Benjamin) sets his guns on destroying his father, will the family survive? Under Laurie Rae Waugh’s direction, the Sargent Theatre commands a thought-provoking production. P.O.W.’s flag remains at full mast until June 18, 2017 so don’t miss your chance to be captured by the show’s spirit.


One comment

  1. amycarothers1978 · June 14, 2017

    It sure is a thought provoking play


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